Feedback from Workshops

"I appreciate much more the vital relationship between aperture, shutter and iso and how much more versatile my photography can be now Arnold has explained it in such an easy to understand way. I have gained control of my camera which before wasn't always the case!"       - B. Holland

"I have learned a lot that I could not learn alone from reading photo mags."    - L. Young

"Very knowledgable and I love that the tips Arnold gave was easy to understand and follow. Very patient with answering questions."                                                          - C. Abadingo

"The workshop is very helpful for aspiring photographers to drive the passion of doing what they love to do most."                                                                                       - J. Campanilla

"Lecturer gave me the tools and the know how to be in contol of my camera shots and not the other way round.  The 4hr long classes were great value for money."                    - P. Tuainekore

"Learning how to shoot in different manual modes and understanding what creates good composition. The assignments were a great help too.  An absolute must for those wanting to progress from shooting in auto on a compact camera."                                                               - B. Eitelberg

"Arnold has a good vibe and is easy to listen to."                                       - G. Milligan

"I enjoyed the part wherein two photos were shown (the before and after) and the remedy / technique used to solve the problem.  With this I was able to appreciate and understand more the topic / theories."                                                                                          - J. Co

"It helped me understand digital photography better."                                - M. Parcon

"I didn't know anything about aperture and shutter.  He explained it well enough for me as a newbie to understand."                                                                                      - K. Mitchell

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